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Hello welcome to my website. On This page you will find Links an offers that will take you straight to everything you need . I've created this website to help people find great webhosting and website offers and everything in between. If there something you think I can Improve please leave a blog .please don't forget to sign up in the members area and become a member. Enjoy the website if you have any questions or concerns please let me know thank you.

Beggining guide to web hosting

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What exactly is web hosting? You might have a computer or a personal laptop which contains a lot of your personal files. These files are saved in different locations in your computer and can be accessed whenever you click on the respective icon. Web pages also are stored on to a computer. However, unlike your personal computers, the devices that store the web pages are of a much better configuration and it?s called ? Web server. A collection of web pages is called a website and the process of making the websites available to the public through the internet is called web hosting.Now, the question running through your minds would be regarding the requirement of a web hosting provider. You might think that your personal computer can save the web pages that you intend to display to the public and manage it efficiently. Your computer can definitely save the information related to web content. However, it is not always possible to manage the whole process when a lot of visitors access your website simultaneously. This is why a dedicated hosting provider is required to do the job. These providers will have servers that can store large amount of data related to your websites and have a powerful connection to serve a large number of visitors. There are lots of big companies who run their own web servers to host their site but that?s too costly affair as far as individuals and small business units are concerned. .. ..............................................Advantages of websites to your business unit . Having your own website has a lot of advantages. If you look at it from a business point of view, it can help you attract a lot of global clients. Any business will flourish only when there are regular clients. If you are running a business organization, a website of your own to showcase your skills and strengths will help you a lot in improving your client base. Hosting a website is one of the most important factors that needs prime attention here. Today, you will come across a lot of hosting service providers who offer amazing services and features. You need to do a bit of research before making you Importance of opting for a reliable webhosting companyYou need to make a list of your requirements first. The most important factor that needs consideration when it comes to web hosting is the uptime. Your website once go up and runs, it should not face any difficulties in managing visitors. If your website is down due to one or the other reason when an important client decides to take a look at your page, you might lose a potential business opportunity. Therefore, you should also verify the reputation of the hosting service provider and ensure that they have a record of maintaining 99.9% of uptime. Make sure that they have a good technical support helpline that will be of help when you need support to sort technical issues related to your website. Read the reviews about the major hosting providers before narrowing down on a selection.Things to look for while opting a webhosting packageYou should consider the amount of web space provided, the number of email addresses allowed, the bandwidth offered etc when you select a hosting package. You also need to check for the additional services like FTP client, back up facilities, support for payment solutions etc. The whole idea is to make sure that the webhosting package you choose suits your website requirements. So, first of all have an idea about what your website requirements are and then match the features offered to ensure the best deal. You also need to verify if the webhosting service provider supports -commerce tools, if you intend to host a web store Domains, websites and everything* in between! ? selection

Introducing GoDaddy .com

Posted by Byron on March 29, 2013 at 12:45 AM Comments comments (0) Domains, websites and everything* in between! ?* Godaddy Web Hosting Review There are different webhosting service providers today who offer umpteen features. However, if you need a provider who offers impeccable services without any sort of compromise on quality, you should choose Godaddy web hosting. This service provider manages more than 54 million domain names. This clearly indicates their popularity across the globe. One interesting factor is that every second of the day, a domain name is registered, renewed or transferred at Godaddy web hosting. This is why they are one of the largest hosting service providers in the world. Founded in 1997, the company has 9 facilities across the globe which includes Arizona, California, Washington D.C. and India. What makes Godaddy different?The process of hosting your website is made simple by this provider. All you need to do is visit their website, take a look at the features provided and make a selection based on your requirements. You can even select a domain name of your choice and check for its availability at the online portal of Godaddy. If the domain name is available, go through the simple steps to get it registered in your name. You can choose from a wide variety of extensions and this is a huge plus offered at Godaddy. The advantage is that even if the domain name you require is already chosen, you can look for the same domain name with a different extension. The extensions provided are .com, .co, .info, .net, .org, .me, .mobi, .us, .biz, .ca, .cc, .tv, .ws, .asia and .xxx. What makes Godaddy different? Packages availableExplore the website of Godaddy to come across a lot of amazing offers. Daily offers are available with attractive prices. There are three different hosting options available ? Economy, Deluxe and Premium. The Economy pack allows you to create a website with 5 pages, provides a web space of 1GB and offers 150 GB Bandwidth. You can also create one email address when you use this pack.The Deluxe pack allows you to create a website with 10 pages. You can create 500 email addresses using this pack:@ which will help a lot when running a small business organization. All your employees can have personalized email address with your personal domain name. You are also provided with a larger disk space of 10GB. The bandwidth provided is 500GB. The deluxe pack is one of the most popular ones chosen by majority of the users as it truly worth the money that you pay.If your needs are more and if you are ready to pay a little more money, you can go for the Premium plan that lets you host websites with unlimited number of pages. 50GB of web space is provided which will be sufficient to manage a lot of web content. You are also provided with 1000 email addresses to serve all your business needs. Explore the Godaddy website. Even from your SmartphoneTheir website can even be explored to check for available domain names and offers through iPhone, Android and Blackberry. You can perform almost all the actions that are available at their website on the go using the web interface designed to work on smart phone screen. There is no other hosting provider who offers these many features at affordable rates without compromising on quality. If you heard enough and you would like to check it out here is a link. A$1/month Website Hosting plus FREE domain


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